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As you will understand, this is not a regular university with grand buildings, libraries, and traditionally high-level academic courses. Our mission is to deliver valuable, practical knowledge of importance to improve fundamental existential issues in our time.

Everyone with an interest in mangrove restoration is welcome. We are an open learning source for all interested community members, NGO staff, and local administrative organizations, regardless of your educational background.

Providing basic knowledge in natural solutions is urgently needed to reverse the damage done to millions of hectares of our coastal forests in over 100 countries.

This damage has caused pollution of millions of tons of climate gases ending up in the atmosphere, causing deadly droughts, floods, and other disasters, yearly killing millions of lives. The good news is that you can change the damaging process by bringing new forests to life.

Mobilizing communities for action is our goal. Empowering people to reverse the harmful, deadly mangrove destruction is our mission. Participation by thousands of graduates will provide HOPE for a liveable world, the only planet with life in the atmosphere.

We focus on climate solutions in a simple, affordable process wherever you live. Our professional staff has years of practical knowledge in addition to academic excellence. By reaching out on a distance education virtual platform, we hope to empower thousands for effective climate action.