This course is created for the benefit of vulnerable coastal communities. Mangroves play an important part in stabilizing seashores from sea level rise. It also protects lives and properties from cyclones and other extreme weather.

In addition, it mitigates up to 5 times more CO2 climate gases than terrestrial trees. It is an ideal solution for communities to take protective actions. Following this course will empower you to succeed in implementing valuable projects on your initiatives.

Participants for this course:

They are new beginners interested in mangrove planting and restoration but need more experience. We invite participants from local NGOs, non-formal groups like school teachers and children, and other local administrative organizations to join our courses.

Course learning:

The course consists of 9 modules covering 46 simple lessons. We offer articles to read, videos to watch, notes to write, a discussion board to join, and puzzles to solve. Learners can study independently, but joining in the discussions will help you learn more.

Follow the course modules and lessons on the outline below:-

You will start from the “Study guide 1” page. Each page is a lesson. Go to the next lesson by clicking “Complete Lesson.”

Module 1 Miracle tree

Module 2 Site selection

Module 3 Get to know the area

Module 4 Select the right species

Module 5 Preparation and handling of seeds/propagules

Module 6 Planting by nursery-raised seedlings

Module 7 Planting by direct seed sowing

Module 8 Plantation maintenance and replanting

Module 9 Conservation and sustainability