About us

Worldview International Foundation (WIF)

– We are pioneering  Blue  Carbon natural climate solution with 43  years of projects in Sustainable Development in 26  countries.

– We received a Triple AAA rating for the first mangrove restoration by the BeZero rating agency in 2022.

– 5 VERRA blue carbon projects are in operation with rapid expansion in 2023.

– Planting target 2022-23: 100 million mangrove trees in healthy growth.

– In a  mutually rewarding partnership with investors and climate-threatened coastal communities, within 25 years, this will mitigate 50 million tons of CO2, more than Norway’s annual emissions. 

Worldview cooperates with private and public partners in high-quality and cost-effective offsets of carbon footprints. Our specialty is mangrove restoration and conservation with livelihoods and sustainable community development. Our target is to plant 100 million mangrove trees by 2023.

WIF has scientific methods, greatly improved planting methods with higher cost efficiency, and a 96% record survival rate of plants and has also gained valuable experiences in planting on mudflats, grasslands, and wetlands.