Our specialists

Mangrove restoration & rehabilitation specialists

Dr. San Tha Tun, Ph.D.

Is the university’s Rector with years of research on mangrove restoration at several universities and in charge of marine science departments. He is also in charge of research at WIFs Mangrove Gene Bank.
E-mail: santhatun@worldview.foundation

Win Maung

WIFs Field Director, and Master Planter with 30 years of mangrove experience, including Deputy Director of Forest Research Institute. He has invented several new efficient planting methods on wetlands, grasslands, degraded mangrove forests, and mudflats.
E-mail:  winmaung.mangrove@gmail.com

Dr. Toh Aung, Ph.D.

A specialist in mangrove restoration from Yokohama National University, Japan.
E-mail:  tohaung02@gmail.com

Dr. Aung Myatsan, Ph.D.

a specialist in mangrove restoration from the University, of Germany.
E-mail: aungmyatsan@worldview.foundation

Dr. Htay Aung, Ph.D.

A specialist from Hawaii University on mangrove soil carbon and conservation of blue carbon seagrass meadows.
E-mail:  htayaungpathein@gmail.com

Dr. Kygo Motohiko

is a Japanese mangrove enthusiast, official WIF advisor, and WIF Environmental Prize recipient. 
E-mail:  kygomotohigo@worldview.foundation

Distance-learning and development communication specialists

Sven Ake Bjorke

Assistant Professor (retired) at Agder University, Norway, is an international specialist in distance learning methods. He is actively working at Pedagogical Development Center (PULS), Centre for Development Studies. He has previously worked for several years as an information manager at UNEP/GRID-Arendal, where one task was to popularise the information from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and UNEP. E-mail:  akebjoerke@gmail.com

Max Hansson

Professor at Karlstad University, a specialist in climate change and natural solutions.
E-mail:  max.hanssen@kau.se

Pongtada Suriya

Forest graduate from Chiang Mai University and former Director WIFs large Northern Hill Tribe Socio-economic Project in Thailand. A specialist in development communication. In charge of web and graphic design of Worldview Mangrove Virtual University. 
E-mail:  pongtada@worldview.foundation