The world’s mangroves are eroding and fastly destroyed

The mangrove trees mitigate CO2 climate gases like no other.

The only tree growing in salty water is a buffer between land and the ocean.


– Mitigating up to 5 times more CO2 than terrestrial trees.

– Storing 80% of carbon permanently in the soil, compared to 20% in the terrestrial trees.

– Protecting lives and homes from tsunamis, cyclones, and other extreme weather

– Minimizing shoreline erosion due to sea level rise.

– Building up the land with falling leaves and branches.

– Cleaning off-runs for the protection of the oceans.

– Food security for increasing seafood resources by 50%

– Producing valuable life-bearing ecosystem services.

A giant known mangrove tree is 64 meters high and of unknown age in Ecuador.

The best-preserved mangrove forest on Lampi Island natural reserve in Myanmar is over 40 meters tall.

There are around 80 different mangrove species. Some grow fast and can reach 20 meters in 9 years, while others are slow growers and need more time to mature. 

There is a lot of information available on mangroves on the Internet. Look it up and learn more about these trees growing in salty waters. They demand the right environment and need special growth conditions for each species. Generally, they love to be kissed twice a day by the tide, which brings refreshing water from the ocean, nursing the growing trees. Some species shoot up breathing tentacles to deliver oxygen for their needs. Amazing trees! The more you learn, the more respect you will get for this wonder of nature.